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Fabeato California Walnuts

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  • California 2 Pcs (Akhrot Giri): Sourced from the heart of California for superior quality and taste.
  • Natural California Walnuts: Non-GMO & Raw, packed with nature's goodness, perfect for healthy snacking or baking.
  • Crunchy & Delicious: Enjoy the satisfying texture and rich flavor of whole, raw walnuts.
  • Rich in Essential Minerals: Walnuts are a good source of essential minerals.
  • Resealable Pack: Maintains freshness and prevents crushing.
  • Store in a cool, dry place in an airtight container and preferably refrigerate after opening. Shelf Life: 12 Months
Grams: 200g
Why Choose Fabeato?
  • Natural California Walnuts
  • Gluten-Free
  • Raw & Crunchy
  • Rich in Nutrients
  • Resealable Pack
Fabeato walnuts

Fabeato California Walnuts

Regular price Rs. 400.00
Regular price Rs. 500.00 Sale price Rs. 400.00

Did You Know

Heart Health Hero
The healthy fats in walnuts can help lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and improve good cholesterol (HDL), promoting a healthy heart.
Omega-3 Powerhouse
Walnuts are a plant-based source rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, crucial for cognitive function, memory, and learning.
Fiber for a Balanced Gut
Walnuts are high Good Source of fiber, which keeps you feeling fuller for longer and supports a healthy digestive system.
Rich in Essential Minerals
Walnuts are a good source of Manganese, Copper, and Magnesium, essential for healthy bones, blood sugar regulation, and enzyme function.


What size packs are Fabeato Walnuts available in?

Fabeato Kashmir Walnut kernels are available in pack variants of 200 gms, 500 gms, and 1 Kg.

Do you deliver Walnuts all over India?

Yes, we deliver to all locations in India. We also serve overseas customers. Shipping charges for the same will be calculated and shown at the Checkout stage.

Can I return the product if there is an issue with taste or freshness?

At Fabeato, we value customer satisfaction the most. There is a 7-day Return policy if you find any issues regarding the packaging, freshness, and taste of the products delivered. Kindly contact the Fabeato HelpDesk within 7 Days of Delivery, to replace the concerned products or get a full refund.

Are Walnuts Gluten free?

All nuts including walnuts are Gluten-free in their original form. They can be consumed by people with gluten allergies and aid in weight loss and building a balanced diet.

Can eating walnuts cause allergies?

People who have an existing allergic reaction to nuts should avoid consuming walnuts in any form as it may trigger said allergic reaction.

About fabeato

Our Story

Fabeato is a family-owned company passionate about sharing the delicious bounty of nature's harvest. We travel the world to source the finest nuts, dried fruits, vegetables, seeds, and spices. We partner with ethical suppliers who share our commitment to quality, ensuring you receive the freshest, most flavorful ingredients possible.

Our dedication to excellence begins at the source. We meticulously hand-select each ingredient, ensuring it meets our rigorous standards for freshness, taste, and nutritional value. We believe in providing our customers with all-natural products they can feel good about including in their diet.